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Herro Mustafa celebrated Trifon Zarezan!

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Herro Mustafa celebrated Trifon Zarezan!

The American Ambassador in Bulgaria, Herro Mustafa, is undoubtedly closest to the Bulgarian traditions compared to all her predecessors. As soon as she was assigned on the position, she gave us an indication that she will do her best to learn Bulgarian.

Afterwards she participated in a number of initiatives, apart from her professional obligations, showing her fondness of our country.

On New Year’s Eve 2020 she sang New Year with the composer Stefan Dimitrov. Towards the end of January, she tried Bulgarian Rakia and days ago she recited Vazov’s poem Where is Bulgaria.

On February 14, when Bulgarians celebrate Trifon Zarezan, Herro Mustafa attended the traditional pruning of grapevines.

The US Embassy posted a video of her wishing fertility and prosperity to winegrowers.

Mustafa was welcomed with folklore songs and a bouquet of snowdrops, harbingers of spring.


Source: Dnes.bg

Източник: Dnes.bg

Herro Mustafa
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