Начало | Анализи | Members of the Greens who "fertilize" butterflies for BGN 2 mln. and teach fish to swim for BGN 1 mln. have vitiated the ecological cause in Bulgaria

Members of the Greens who "fertilize" butterflies for BGN 2 mln. and teach fish to swim for BGN 1 mln. have vitiated the ecological cause in Bulgaria

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Members of the Greens who "fertilize" butterflies for BGN 2 mln. and teach fish to swim for BGN 1 mln. have vitiated the ecological cause in Bulgaria

The current Minister, Neno Dimov, wanted to reconsider their projects, but the prime minister confused him with his behaviour

Emil Georgiev is the national leader of Ecoglasnost. He is a former MP, chairman of the Haskovo City Council and long-standing counsellor. In 2014 he was a candidate for Member of Parliament of BSP in Burgas Region. Over the years, he has fought a number of heavy battles. He had front clashes with representatives of the big business due to various environmental causes he defended. Today, Emil Georgiev was in Burgas and together with the BSP municipal leader Zhivko Gospodinov presented "Vision for Bulgaria" - the strategic governance document of BSP.

“Mr. Georgiev, why did Ecoglasnost support "Vision for Bulgaria"? Where did you find points of contact and see your cause?”

“Over the years, we have proved that we are reliable partners. I dare to say – the most loyal in our coalition. We fully support this strategic document “Vision for Bulgaria” because our ideas are covered therein. We have been strongly impressed by the fact that it is the first time that BSP has devotes a great deal of attention to environmental protection in the Green Economy Section. We welcome the intention of dropping the concession on beaches and the ban on timber harvesting in the state forest fund. The scandal at the Forestry Agency shows how right we are. We believe that the state has a resource to arrange salvage logging itself. We also believe that it is necessary to revise all environmental projects with a massive afforestation scale and the commitments should be made by high carbon firms.”

“Why do you not cooperate with other green parties and organizations, but with BSP?”

“Because they are compromised and have set other purposes than environmental protection. We have our own vision and we are the first authentic ecological party in Bulgaria. For us, the environment is a cause. Unlike the so-called "Greens", no one can blame us for corporate intentions and strange projects worth millions. Our presence in the “BSP for Bulgaria” coalition will be a guarantor for the protection of the environment. It is our cause and we will impose it on our partners.”

“You said that "Vision for Bulgaria" provides for the abolition of concessions, but what will happen to the present ones, some of which have just been signed and are intended to continue for 20 years?”

“The law must be observed. We cannot declare them null and void, but the idea is to stop the concession from now on, and to take the beaches out of the hands of those who seek maximum profit and transfer them to the municipalities. They will be directly accountable before their voters, and easier controlled by the local authorities. In addition, there will be no situations like the one that happened a month ago. Then we witnessed how a Member of Parliament, I refer to Volen Siderov, was extremely active in connection with Mr. Simeonov's initiative for the order in Sunny Beach. We share his ideas and were very surprised by the behaviour of his coalition partner. We have many questions as to why he did so and whether he protects corporate interests and we wonder why this person was silent about Silistar as a Member of Parliament, while about other issues he is extremely active.”

“You raised the topic of Silistar. What is the position of Ecoglasnost?”

"I am stunned with the reaction of the institutions in Burgas because for a month before the scandal became public, they were silent as a capercaillie during breeding period. They got activated when the Prime Minister ordered them. What disturbed us most was that he recommended that local authorities take into account the views of the so-called "Greens”. I ask what which "Greens"? Those who would count the dolphins in consideration for BGN 3 mln., or those who banned the construction of the road Burgas-Sunny Beach? These are the "Greens" that have distorted the cause in Bulgaria. With their bizarre projects such as "Fertilizing the Red Apollo Butterfly" worth BGN 2 mln. I am asking, who will fertilize butterflies. We find no sense in that, and that's the reason why we are angry. Nobody should be mindful of those who have been abusing European funds for years. They interfere permanently, hindering every project initiated by municipalities and the government, and their aim is clear - money and projects. We are talking about ecological projects worth BGN 45 mln., utilized by them. On the other hand, we are clear – we do not fertilize butterflies, nor do we count dolphins. One of their projects worth BGN 500 thousand was how to teach fish swim in the Ruse Lom River and another one covers the construction of bird nests from shells in Pomorie Lake for BGN 800 thousand. We can also mention a project for counting ground squirrels for BGN 500 thousand, as well as one for finding tranquil bushes for wild bears worth BGN 1.5 mln."

“And why do you think no environmental minister wants to audit their projects?" The current minister, Neno Dimov, started with the promise of doing so, but in the first days a protest was arranged under his window and he seemed to have been scared.

"The protest was arranged by the same "Greens." I know Mr. Dimov very well, he is a wonderful person and a statesman, but how do you think a minister can act when the Prime Minister orders him: "Comply with what the Greens say." The same ones, who were supported by the MOEW, at the Supreme Expert Council, where they made the rules according to their wishes. In my opinion, Minister Niko Dimov was startled by the behaviour of Boyko Borisov. If we manage to take the state governance in future new elections, we will be uncompromising."


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Чому росйський переклад???!! Оля 28 квтня 2017 19:32. Чому Росйська мова??? Розчарована.
рина Блик ТК. Не цлуй (Live in Kiev, 24-04-2013) Всеукранський концертний тур Кращ укранськ хти. Прослушать Скачать 04:01. Укранськ народн Джерела. Хти. Прослушать Скачать 04:31. рина Бликгурт ТК. Intro - Бла хмара, чорна хмара (Live in Zaporozhye, 30-03-2013) Всеукранський концертний тур Кращ укранськ хти.
На Волин пенсонерка вддала шахраям понад 50 тисяч гривень, аби начебто вдкупити доньку вд кримнально вдповдальност. 22 травня до 75-рчно жительки одного з сл Локачинського району подзвонили з полц та повдомили прикру новину.тут же заспоколи, щоз потерплими,з правоохоронцями усе можна владнати за грош. Пенсонерка погодилася й залишилася без свох заощаджень,пише прес-служба прокуратури Волин. Читайте також: як телефонн шахра Розводять лучан.
Хто зна де можна скачати фльм Нкк диявол молодший з укр. дубляжем? Нравится Показать список оценивших. Настя Шанталь 3 сен 2009 в 0:34. усм дякую за лнки! давно шукала сайти дефльми з укр. дубляжем). Нравится Показать список оценивших. Назар Тизьо 10 окт 2009 в 22:22 Всм привт може хтось пдскаже де можна скачати фильм на планшет, Млон способв втратити голову НА УКРАНСЬКОМУ. Нравится Показать список оценивших. Nastja Nastja 1 дек 2014 в 15:16. скажите, можно ли где-то полностью посмотреть этот фильм? .

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