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Of Masters, Rats and Golden Geese

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Of Masters, Rats and Golden Geese

Rats – this was how the producer of the Masters of Broadcast Judy Halvadjiyan called all those who dared criticize his show. Instead of hanging his head in shame, the hotshot TV boss got defensive after the manipulation masterminded by his reporter Dimitur Vurbanov. He took the path of least resistance – to verbally attack his opponents and try to gloss over the badly compromised image of the “Masters” – a comedy show, which tried to assume the role of a pillar of righteousness.


The bomb, with the reporter who cooked up the ‘assault by the targets of his investigation’ scam, went off at the deepest of the media swamp. As the dregs splashed around, some old questions, buried underneath layers of fake viewership ratings, blinding studio lights and camera-friendly makeup, resurfaced on top.


Beyond doubt, the Masters of Broadcast is one of Nova TV’s golden geese. No one in his right mind would seriously expect the TV to immediately part ways with a production that brings in millions in TVC income.



Yet, the manner in which the show’s bosses and Nova TV reacted after the scandal created further controversy. As self-appointed champions of moral, dignity and honour, the Halvadjiyan producers and the Tv bosses should have



acted in a manly and dignified way by stepping out in public space and taking a different, clearer stance. First and foremost, they should have shouldered some of the responsibility for the gaffe.




It goes without saying that a reporter is never left alone at the scene, so he couldn’t possibly stage it all by himself. Vurbanov was accompanied by a cameraman who personally filmed the fake assault. The video was then sent to their colleagues at the MoB office and was carefully viewed by editors, cutters and, of course, by the producers themselves.


In all probability, the big bosses of Nova TV also saw the bombastic “investigation” material before it was broadcasted.



So, the Halvadjiyan family - and the collective Nova TV family - owe quite a few answers to their dozens of thousands of viewers who have placed their trust with them.



The questions are already raised. At that, even the Deputy PM Valery Simeonov took a stance by publishing on his Facebook wall some interesting questions addressed at the entire team of the “Masters” and at Judy Halvadjiyan in particular.



Simeonov asks in what way does the producer hire his staff – do they sign proper labour contracts, or do they agree to freelance in the hope that some of the ‘fame and glory’ of the “Masters” will rub off on them? And another key question: What will Nova TV do in response to the scandal; what actions does the official regulatory body, the Council for Electronic Media, plan to take?



It remains to be seen if – and how – the “Masters” will respond. For the time being, the only one sanctioned is Dimitur Vurbanov who was thrown to the dogs, or rather, the piranhas in the TV aquarium. The big sharks keep swimming forward unabashed – to yet another scandal and yet another scapegoat for their own misdeeds.

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