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The “Masters” Scandal – a Parody of Assault and Battery, a Parody of Reporting, a Parody of Quality Television

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The “Masters” Scandal – a Parody of Assault and Battery, a Parody of Reporting, a Parody of Quality Television

In the last few days, the scandal with the fake assault against the Masters of Broadcast reporter was analysed to death in a cannonade of news articles, analyses and comments (initially brimming with sympathy, then filled with anger, rage and threats).When the truth shone through, the reporter Dimitur Vurbanov was hastily sacked and given a Golden Skunk, and the media balloon finally burst.


The social networks, where tension and indignation had reached the boiling point, subsided back to their normal emotional temperature, fresh gossip occupied the minds of users and, little by little, the interest of the audience shifted away from “the Masters Case”.


However, a few interesting questions were left unanswered and will probably stay this way in the foreseeable future. For one, it remains to be seen when – and in what way – will Nova TV hold the show’s producers accountable for the scam?


In their official position, the Nova TV bosses decisively dissociated from the “Masters of Broadcast” and reassured their ‘dear viewers’ that they will hold responsible the team of the independently produced show which has signed a broadcasting contract with Nova.


“In the light of events related to the Masters of Broadcast reporter Dimitur Vurbanov, Nova Broadcasting Group is very worried by the wrong impression created by the said reporter. Notwithstanding the fact that Masters of Broadcast is an independent production of accordingly independent editorial policy, Nova Broadcasting Group deems unacceptable any


such methods, which are incongruent with the principles of professional investigative journalism. Our media dissociates from the case and will seek responsibility from the producer”, reads the message disseminated by the PRs of this national media.


The text sounds fittingly emancipated for the corporate media which aspires for the highest rating. Yet, it remains to be seen just how will the TV bosses manage to discipline the Halvadjiyan brothers with their vast and lengthy experience in the trade? At that, the Halvadjiyans are the main source of income flowing into the Nova TV coffer.


It’s common knowledge that the producers participate in the Nova TV portfolio not just with the “Masters’, but also with a bunch of large-scale TV projects, most of which are prime-time, such as Stars in Their Eyes, the X-Factor and Suburban Cops, to name but a few.


It goes without saying that financial interests of this scale act as a guarantee that the media bosses will not be willing to sanction the Halvadjiyans, while the hotshot producers won’t take offence at the issued purely formal reprimand. After all, they have common interests to defend.


The viewers, on the other hand, will be left with a naked parody. The parody of a battered reporter, the parody of an honest producer, and the parody of a trustworthy media.

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