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Exclusive! Kevork Kevorkian Finishes Off the Masters of Broadcast

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Exclusive! Kevork Kevorkian Finishes Off the Masters of Broadcast

The Masters of Broadcast gimmick is a petty one, pathetic even – a tiny sprat wanted to pass for a whale. To an extent, the staged assault is an indirect (and undoubtedly shameful) consequence of the show’s style – aggressive, impudent and hard as nails. We hold the reins, we pull the strings, it suggests. At times, this style involves a regal disregard for small details, as if they don’t really matter, as long as the target is held at point-blank, as long as it suffers the maximum humiliation, as long as justice is served, regardless of the cost. The target is often the average Joe with his petty misdemeanors. One cannot imagine the “Masters” pursue, say, Meglena Kuneva for her heinous violation of national interests, with the fierce determination reserved for unlicensed alternative therapists and the like. Nor would they confront the Minister of Health for his criminal dealings in vaccines- they’d rather chase a nurse down a hospital ward for bruising a patient’s hand at the injection site. A show with the ambitions of the “Masters” should look way above the muddy waters of mundanity; it should try to move the stale air at the top where the Elite resides and from where the stream of mud trickles down towards society. However, the sprat is a quick-witted little thing that loves its comfort zone. Being tiny, it stays away from trouble and it is only natural that it would sooner or later resort to dubious actions and then boldly move on



to frank scams. Lately, this show’s reporters exude an air of being above the law. And this is the single most damaging thing in our trade. You can only do to others whatever you’re able to sustain yourself – this is a rule of thumb. Alas, it’s long forgotten. The scam in question made us wonder from what midst are new reporters hired? Not just the unfortunate sprat but all young reporters. Who teaches them the needed skills, what are their talents, save for pushiness, microphone menacingly held as a handgun, and their penchant for heroic poses? Our trade is a complex one. It’s hard to learn, the path is strewn with all sorts of obstacles. Yet, we must maintain our respect for every single fellow man, no matter how “insignificant” he is. I deliberately used the inappropriate adjective ‘insignificant’, because a recent show on Bulgarian National TV came to mind. I recently heard a host there say – in a discussion on the realities and myths surrounding social networks – something truly reprehensible. Out of the blue, he chirped in: “By participating in the social networks, people try to find some compensation for their own insignificance.” How utterly disgraceful! How did we reach the low point where some folks on TV freely express their contempt for the audience? At that, the vast majority of them are poorly educated, quite uncultured, spineless creatures. So, under the circumstances, what are we to expect from that young goon employed by the “Masters”? Are we really shocked that he made a major faux pas? Come on, no one is that naive. I cast a cursory glance over one of the MoB recent episodes. Some school spends half a million a year, yet the classrooms are empty – so let us corner the cleaning ladies, the janitor, and finally the headmistress, in our next episode. What a story, eh! A masterpiece of pettiness. Meanwhile, crimes of apocalyptic proportions unfold. Why don’t you go catch the one who poured tens of millions into football stadiums in deserted villages in order to line the pockets of the ‘right’ people? When the government boasts that it spent 300 million for sports facilities, do they also count these stadiums? This is where you should focus your efforts, this is who you should press. Once you’ve accomplished that, the public will turn a blind eye on the make-believe assault. As I am typing these words, they announce on TV that the Hepatitis A vaccine hasn’t been secured on time, yet again. People are left unprotected while the local pharmafia concoct their schemes. Isn’t the Minister of Health worthy of a Golden Skunk? And what about Ekaterina Zaharieva, the shining star on our foreign policy horizon who actually claimed that the Macedonian referendum was successful? Fetch a sack-full of skunks and go hand them to her. She is an unending source of gaffes. A simple village lady who scrapes a living as a fortune teller and witch doctor is chased as if she’s Evil incarnated, while those who waste and misuse our national fortune seem to be immune? The “Masters” could shake off all petty topics and head for the real issues. Now is the time to do it, with the disgrace brought by their sprat of a reporter. OK, so they will get into trouble, but the experience will nonetheless be enormously rewarding. Nowadays, negligibly petty topics pass for Justice Restored, while the Big Scams go unnoticed. This is the Kingdom of Sprats where you have to be an imbecile to wear rose-tinted glasses. A Skunk-producing factory should work around the clock, if someone dares to finally tread into the twilight zone inhabited by Real Problems. So Nova TV dissociated themselves from the reporter-sprat. Now is their time to also distance themselves from the Elite with its fat, juicy scraps discretely passed under the table. They come in the shape of public tenders and, delicious as they may seem, they’re junk food for the media, with the usual devastating health effects – flabby muscles, stunted instincts. The authorities set the rules and conduct the media orchestra. The sharks tried to hide from view behind the tiny sprat. Look at the avalanche of panegyrics for Diankov and Traykov. The scheme that sent them both to court seems forgotten. The EVN affair alone



demands at least a dozen of Skunks. However, the media would rather fabricate fiction and try to peddle it as reality. This is precisely why the stupidity of a tiny sprat created such an uproar – it sent ripples along the surface of the media status quo. Whoever fills the trough is Godlike and blameless. This is why members of our “Elite” attract flies – they’re abundantly covered in sugary media praises, quite undeserved in most cases. Some worried voices were heard that the Masters gaffe will erode trust in the entire media. You cannot lose what’s already gone. The Big Brother phenomenon destroyed it all. Most of all, it destroyed viewers’ respect for the media. The appetite- for cheap thrills on the one hand and easy profits on the other - brought about this ‘big-brotherization’, but the underlying reason is Fear, the unwillingness to cross the Ones who Fill the Trough.


To sum it up, the televisions slowly sink under the dead weight of rotten fish. Carbon-copied TV-show formats, as I already remarked quite a few years ago. Now let me add, they sink because of the fat, juicy bits thrown in the Trough, as well.

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