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Profanity Cannot Pass for Journalism. The Masters of Broadcast Owe an Apology to Their Viewers

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Profanity Cannot Pass for Journalism. The Masters of Broadcast Owe an Apology to Their Viewers

The sham assault against the MoB reporter Dimitur Vurbanov caused a proper media tsunami last week. Public space and social media boil with indignation.


While we can only guess if the scandal will fade away quickly, one thing is certain – the gaffe with the faked up violence inflicted a near-deadly blow on the Halvadjiyan Bros. business empire and marred the (already shaky) reputation of Nova TV.

The first to fall on the battlefield was the mastermind of the terrible manipulation – the reporter Dimitur Vurbanov who was fired by the show’s producers and was awarded the Golden Skunk prize of disgrace.


However, no one else was sanctioned. None of the producers assumed responsibility for the shattering gaffe, and the private TV company turned a blind eye on the issue of sanctions for the Halvadjiyan company, which is an external producer of the format aired on Nova TV.


Judy Halvadjiyan himself called ‘rats’ all who dared criticize the Masters of Broadcast. Instead of manning up to the situation, he took a passive-aggressive stance and verbally abused his opponents in a desperate attempt to pimp up the image of his ‘morally superior’ show.


“We always boast a firm position and we’ll keep marching on. In the current situation, the rats rear their heads, coz we must have stepped on their toes in the past and now is their time to explain that they were subjected to the same by us. That’s ridiculous!”, Halvadjiyan attempted to defend himself in an interview with a popular daily newspaper.


No matter how eagerly he tries to shake off blame, viewers of the Masters of Broadcast do realize that the Vurbanov staged drama surely isn’t the first one in this show. The only difference is that Dimitur fell into his own trap, since he failed to notice the surveillance cameras in front of the warehouse, whose owners “brutally beat him and threw him out”.


All attempts to whitewash this epic gaffe are doomed. Without any doubt, the glorified “masters” are quite accomplished in the field of cutting and staging. However, it is glaringly unfair that that no one, save for the reporter, confessed involvement in the parody; no one shouldered any responsibility for Vurbanov’s actions.


The bosses of Nova TV also leaned back, away from the spotlight and didn’t broadcast a single comment on the scandal.


Now the question is what will happen with the show, whose image was completely crumbled and whose claim to fame was the ambition to serve as a defender of just causes and upholder of truth.


The Halvadjiyans would be well advised to finally realise that comedy sketches and cheap laughs are incompatible with serious journalism. A trendy suit and hat cannot turn an ordinary rural correspondent into a genuine investigative reporter.

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