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Mitko Vurbanov, Atta Boy! The Mask of the ‘Masters’ Fell Off After the Fake Battery Scandal

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Mitko Vurbanov, Atta Boy! The Mask of the ‘Masters’ Fell Off After the Fake Battery Scandal

Well done, Dimitur Vurbanov! The reporter who strove to become a top investigative journalist was crucified these days by an army of critics, columnists and media analysts. Even worse, he was finished off by his own bosses.


Without further ado, the Masters of Broadcast sacrificed the poor youngster who tried to stage an assault against himself by the targets of an investigation and fell into his own trap.

However, the Halvadjiyan producers have no reason to be particularly proud of their damage limitation effort. It doesn’t take much to behead the frailest one on your team. Indeed, it may seem quick and easy, but the gaffe of Vurbanov and the resulting dismissal, aggravated by the awarded Golden Skunk, served one purpose – to cast light on the modus operandi in the company of the famous (or rather, infamous) Armenians.


For decades already, show business is the brothers’ playground, and the glamorous, friendly and humorous style of the “Masters” (whose thin veneer barely conceals its cheap, kitschy essence) appears entertaining enough for the largely apathetic viewing audience.


However, the gaffe with the Veliko Turnovo correspondent somewhat alerted the half-asleep viewers, and the intrinsic problems of the TV producer brothers shone bright like a diamond – or sooner, like the naked taut bottoms of their MoB dancers.


The key question is, to what extent is it acceptable for the MoB producers and the top dogs at the private TV to simply wave the scandal away with a quietly muttered “we dissociate from this and we promise to get our act together in the future”?


Was it really necessary to humiliate Vurbanov that badly? Bobby Vaklinov handed him the Golden Skunk, and Rachkov seemingly reveled in a parody of the ‘battered’ reporter, while half of their Monday show was dedicated to lengthy explanations how the reporter has marred the otherwise impeccable image of the Masters.


All would be well, was it not for the fact that Dimitur Vurbanov was identified as the only culprit. No one else – not the cameraman who actually shot the fake report, not the producers who inspect every single frame before it goes on air, no one from the Nova TV management stood up before the audience to shoulder responsibility for the gaffe. They took the easy way out – reporter gone, problem gone.


The Halvadjiyans’ audacity reached new lows – they moaned and groaned how hard it is for them to part ways with Dimitur. Yet, what must be done must be done…


For all those sharks in the rough TV ocean, the topic is closed – the reporter is annihilated, the audience is fed some vague promises that responsibility shall be sought. Meanwhile, the well-oiled Halvadjiyan machine tirelessly spouts new tricks to pump the rating by fabricating other sensations – the Masters of Broadcast keep exposing alleged scams.

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