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The Masters of Broadcast Are Finished After The “Battered Reporter” Scam

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The Masters of Broadcast Are Finished After The “Battered Reporter” Scam

The Masters of Broadcast are over and done with! The painstakingly built image of this show, which aspired for the 3-in-1 function of police, prosecution and court of justice, crumbled beyond repair when the swindle with the fake assault and battery of the MoB reporter Dimitur Vurbanov was revealed for what it was. And it didn’t take too much effort, either, to cast light on the naive scheme by a show that misleads viewers evening after evening. After this as-yet-unsurpassed gaffe, the naked truth about the moral standards of ‘investigative journalists’ hired by the Halvadjiyan brothers to their pet project is glaringly obvious, at last.

Even the most gullible are already aware that the show has most probably resorted to swindles like the one with the fake on-camera assault against the reporter many times in the past. Vurbanov’s fault is that he stupidly failed to notice the surveillance cameras at the warehouse where he was “brutally beaten and kicked to the floor”. The desperate attempts of his producers to whitewash the epic gaffe and their profuse apologies fall on deaf ears. While the self-professed ‘masters’ of broadcast are doubtlessly good at staging and cutting, the fact, that no one else wished to share blame for this parody with the scapegoat reporter, remains outrageous.


Instead, the commander-in-chief of the ‘masters’ Judy Halvadjiyan washed his hands of the entire shameful story – he shooed away Vurbanov as if he were a flea-infested stray, and then he gave him the Golden Skunk , dismissal signed and sealed. End of story.


The big bosses at Nova TV also shied away from the lights – they hastily brushed the uncomfortable topic under the carpet and didn’t make any public comments on TV.


“In the light of events related to the MoB reporter Dimitur Vurbanov, Nova Broadcasting Group is strongly bothered by the wrong impression created by this journalist.”


“Even though Masters of Broadcast is an autonomous production, of completely independent editorial policy, Nova Broadcasting Group deems such methods unacceptable and incongruent with the principles of professional investigative journalism. Our TV dissociates from this event and will hold the producer responsible”, reads the crisis PR message disseminated by the private TV. Such a laconic “official stance” is a disservice to Nova TV which lays claims to the highest rating.


Its top management are expected to respond by imposing some serious sanctions for the huge gaffe, instead of trying to whitewash the MoB image in the name of expensive ads and high view ability.

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