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Masters of Broadcast – Masters of Insolence

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Masters of Broadcast – Masters of Insolence

The viewers stand no chance when cheap glory sells better than genuine journalism.


The entire team of MoB inflicted an insult on their viewers. The monstrous swindle by their reporter, Dimitur Vurbanov, revealed the true nature of the eminent Halvadjiyan producers. Furthermore, it clearly demonstrated to the audience how easy it is to push fakery for the real thing.

Yet, Dimitur Vurbanov’s walk of shame on his way out of the TV show and the Golden Skunks for him and for the producer Judy Halvadjiyan are not the needed solution.


The wretched reporter put on a dumb sketch in an effort to gain the bosses’ approval and shoot his rating through the ceiling as the ‘victim of battery’ on the job. Doubtlessly, the producers knew what was going on and okayed the airing of this sorry spectacle on Nova TV.


The real question here is, why on earth do reporter, producers and top managers of this private TV reckon that their audience is a bunch of sheeple? And how could the Halvadjian bros.-owned company be so insolent as to keep defending themselves by depicting all their critics as ‘rats’?


And what was the reaction of Nova TV? Did a brief PR message suffice as a damage limitation effort, did it lull viewers, did it convince them that the medium shall hold the Masters of Broadcast responsible just by stating that it emphatically disassociates from their actions?


Rating cannot be built on travesty and nasty manipulations of the thousands of viewers. Once it has been done with improvised means and clumsily put together sensations, it will be done again, and again. If the ‘sharks’ in this business are unwilling to share the blame now, they will avoid responsibility in the future, too.


Yet, candidates for star reporters and fast glory abound. When a run-of-the-mill comedy show is viewed as the last hope for some justice in disputes, problems and the exposing of shady schemes, it’s only logical that a wannabe investigative journalist will decide that he can manipulate the crowd at a whim – at that, with the generous blessing of his rating-hungry producers and TV bosses.

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