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The Masters of Broadcast Heading to New Lows After the Dimitur Vurbanov Scandal

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The Masters of Broadcast Heading to New Lows After the Dimitur Vurbanov Scandal

The scandal with the cooked-up ‘assault and battery’ against a “Masters of Broadcast” investigative reporter added a hefty pinch of spice to the already piquant hotchpotch of weekly news. Droves of journalists, analysts and columnists, legal pundits and hyperactive social media regulars made a beeline to air their indignation with the heinous act.


Everyone was eager to make himself heard – the ardent defence of the “battered” Dimitur Vurbanov and the trumpet calls for “merciless punishment” of the perpetrators suddenly turned into war cries to lynch the reporter who swindled loyal fans of “Masters of Broadcast with his atrocious lie.


Well, the crowd got what it wanted. Mitko was kicked out of the show, and its producers, the Halvadjiyan clan, rolled him in tar and feather by stating that he has dragged the show through the mud and has practically annihilated viewer confidence painstakingly built during 16 long years.


To add insult to injury, Vurbanov was awarded the Golden Skunk Prize of Shame. He took it square in the face and even mustered the courage to offer a heart-rending apology to the audience.

“As a reporter and a person, I was incessantly bothered by the thought that tons of foods kept lying around (at the warehouse) all summer. They could easily reach consumers, since the warehouse was still functioning. I tried to show what’s inside and what was happening. That’s when things happened, and they unfolded beyond my control. Adrenaline, emotions and my desire to wrap up this case are to blame for my odd behaviour at the end. Information spread like wildfire, fanned by all those bombastic headlines. I found one main fault in myself – my inability to keep things under control. Yet, my actions weren’t calculated. I’d wish to apologize to all my colleagues, to the team of Masters of Broadcast and to all viewers who were led to believe that I meant to dupe them. My only idea was to prevent this warehouse from selling spoiled foods. I learned my lesson the hard way – you may have been a top reporter but a single gaffe, regardless that you didn’t mean it to unfold this way, may lead to a proper mess.”


The fired reporter had one request for the team of the show: “Please promise me to bring this issue to a conclusion – they must stop selling expired foods”.


This unfortunate story could’ve ended on a high note, with the well-deserved sanction for the reporter who goofed, if it wasn’t for a question that remained beyond the spotlight, namely, what about the responsibility of the show’s producers and Nova TV bosses? After all, they are positioned at the top because they give the green light to a show, or don’t. They have the last say as to whether a material should be broadcasted or discarded? Are we supposed to believe that a reporter, any reporter, may play-pretend on camera and no one would control him and prevent broadcasting of his nonsense? Don’t think so!


It’s crystal clear that Dimitur Vurbanov is to blame and his TV career is over and done with. However, his removal alone does not solve the inherent problem of the “Masters” and NOVA TV, because their core reason for concern is nestled way above Dimitur, the poor soul. It gnaws away at the fabric of this show; it may be found in the luxurious offices of the Halvadjiyan family who just love their fabricated image of righteous social justice warriors. It may be worth taking a long, scrutinizing look behind the thick, glossy doors of the aquariums where the Nova TV sharks swim unbothered.


Failing that, the proverbial will soon hit the fan. And another scapegoat reporter won’t be able to cover the foul stench…

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