Начало | Анализи | A Golden Skunk for the producer Halvadjiyan, Nova TV ought to take the show off air, viwers insist

A Golden Skunk for the producer Halvadjiyan, Nova TV ought to take the show off air, viwers insist

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A Golden Skunk for the producer Halvadjiyan, Nova TV ought to take the show off air, viwers insist

The scandal with the fake ‘assault and battery’ against the reporter DimiturVurbanov engendered such a tornado of outrage that the producers had to stoop down to an unthinkable humiliation – they actually accepted the Golden Skunk prize of dishonour.


The malodorous prize was awarded twice, once to the guilty reporter, already kicked out of the show as a flea-infested stray; its second bearer was no other than the boss of the goof-up show, Judy Halvadjiyan.


It is quite clear that this put a full stop to Dimitur Vurbanov’s dreams of a ‘journalistic’ career. What matters now is what will happen to the very concept of the Masters of Broadcast with their preposterous claims to fame as pillars of virtue and morality, knights in shining armour and champions of the common interests whenever public institutions need to be confronted with an issue.


You will surely agree that after this flabbergasting gaffe, even the disproportionately self-assured Halvadjiyan brothers ought to finally realise that comedy sketches, puns and goofy jokes are not the stuff of serious, influential journalism.


Even more so, they should accept the fact that their attempts to paint the reporter black and use him as a scapegoat to save their own face is a disservice to their entire audience. The truth is that the outrageous video is produced by a whole team of “Masters of Broadcast” employees – hunters for all things ‘unique’, ‘sensational’ and ‘outrageous’ who carefully sift through the frames before they package them for the TV screen.


Producers always have the final say. They okay the video and let it go on air.


To sum it up, the two producers deserve much worse than the Golden Skunk atonement sketch for the disgraceful blunder with Dimitur Vurbanov. Nevertheless, the Halvadjiyan Bros. like to have it easy, as always – dismiss the guilty reporter, accept the stinky prize and, lo and behold, problem solved.


It would be fascinating to watch how the Nova TV bosses will handle the hot potato with the widely anticipated sanctions against the show. If Nova TV truly wish exercise some damage limitation against the backdrop of failing popularity and mounting problems, they should impose some sanctions on Masters of Broadcast or, as already rumoured in public space, they might cancel the contract with Halvadjiyan altogether.


On the other hand though, Masters of Broadcast bring some quite satisfactory income into the meagre purse of Nova TV, which still suffers from the lack of an officially confirmed deal with a new owner.


The situation is truly fascinating; viewers’ are left with 2 clear options – either switch channels, or stay and witness the ‘Masters’ parody to the end.

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